A musical journey across the Ways of Compostela

Pyrenean creation by
Michel Fenasse-Amat

Aria Pirenèus has grown out of the fascination that Michel Fenasse-Amat has for the Pyrenees. By composing music for some of the most beautiful poems written here, be them basque, catalan, spanish, french or occitan in origin, he is in fact glorifying those different identities, cultures and languages that spring from these beautiful pyrenean mountains.

Since the public premiere at the Ostal d’Occitània in Toulouse (House of the Occitan Region) in october 2015 and the release of their self-titled album Aria Pirenèus (Agorila label) in 2016, Michel Fenasse-Amat’s pyrenean musical creation has been presented in various programmes such as the “Festival de la Cathédrale de Narbonne”, the “Scène de Foix”, and the “Festival Déodat de Séverac”, a tour greeted with acclaim by the press in august 2018 in the french Basque Country, with a finale in the courtyard of the Château de Pau.

Aria Pirenèus was programmed in the Toulouse event « 2018 the year of Occitania – Tolosa Occitana », then in Spain in June 2019 at the Castle of Loarre (Province of Huesca) programmed by the Autonomous Community of Aragon, and in September 2019 in the Courtyard of the Château Comtal of the City of Carcassonne (programmed by the Monuments de France).


The compositions are all original, written by Michel Fenasse-Amat and arranged by Pierre Csillag ; they all have that pyrenean atmosphere imprinted on them : sardane, jota, fandango or other occitan or iberian rhythms … choruses or songs with a nostalgic, joyful or romantic flavour alongside an original arrangement of Hosanna des Pyrenees by Alfred Rolland and 2 songs made with his brother Pascal Fenasse. And so in this way, the music accompanies the poems written by the felibres occitans (Occitan writers known as the felibres) like Basile Cassaignau, Pol de Mounegre and Junior Sans, Catalans such as Miquel Costa i Llobera and  Joan Maragall, the spaniard Antonio Machado, the Basque Jean-Baptiste Elizanburu, the Frenchmen Crevel de Charlemagne, Alphonse de Lamartine and Alfred Rolland as well as a few lyrics by Michel Fenasse-Amat himself.

The artists :
– Michel Fenasse-Amat, autor-composer-singer
– The choirs – orchestral ensemble – plectrum ensemble (mandolins, guitars)
– Pierre Csillag, arrangements and musical direction

The whole programme stems right from the heart of Occitania itself. The recording was made in the Abbey of Combelongue in Rimont on the Ariège-side of the Pyrenees and the first public performance made at the Ostal d’ Occitània in Toulouse (house of occitan region) in october 2015.

Album distribué par  www.agorila.com